Laundry & Dry Cleaning

It’s the right place –it’s Glitters Forever– with new and Fresh Thought for caring your garments. It’s the first of its kind state of art set up in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Consider this – A creative mind for the Creator of Design, a steady Hand for the Sculptor, an eye for the perfect vision for the visionary. So, why does your fabric ensemble have to settle for anything less? Presenting Glitters Forever – the Fresh experience for your wardrobe.

Glitters Forever-Best laundry service developing in Srinagar | J&K is every discerning individual’s dream come true – surely, you would not want that delicate DESIGNER GARMENTS or that SUAVE SUIT to rub shoulders with the ordinary in some run-of-the-mill neighborhood laundry. What Glitters Forever brings to the fabric care space transcends rudimentary notions of conventional laundry and dry cleaning services. And the best laundry service where you need not to go anywhere else because it is delivered right at your doorstep.

Glitters Forever Services Work on Base of the blow list

  • A facility with New & Fresh Thought
  • Proven expertise & qualified fabric care professionals
  • Newest machinery
  • Green Clean environment & fabric friendly chemicals
  • Service Available at your door step
  • Best laundry service developing in Srinagar | J&K

Here we have empowered our working unit with the newest machinery which not just clean but care for your fabric. Best fabric experts who have knowledge of fabrics so that we can keep your wardrobe clean in a new Glitters Forever Style.

Glitters Forever is currently developing to serve customers in Srinagar and has ambitious plans to roll out additional outlets and also expand the Glitters Forever footprint into other cities across Jammu & Kashmir, to cater to the growing demand for world class services in this space and to become the best laundry service.