Contract Mechanized Cleaning

We are proficient in offering our clients with Mechanized Cleaning of Manufacturing Area services, which is provided in dust free and hygienic surroundings. Looking at a deluge of chemical waste produced by varied industries, it becomes very necessary to use mechanical cleaners. Our professionals are capable of carefully handling the equipment used in this.

We offer Mechanized Cleaning Services with manpower that is rigorously trained and whose expertise is groomed with the diverse work experience that they receive due to our services being provided to most of the major industrial sectors in India

With increasing demands of cleaning & hygiene in institutions more & more
customers are moving towards off loading their house keeping to
professional who are adept & better Qualified in field of cleaning. Again the
trend is also to move away from previous mythology of offloading house
keeping to labor contractors towards PROFESSIONAL CLEANING
AGENCIES Relying on modern equipments & having back up & expertise’s
from professional companies who constantly upgrade skill level of these
agencies &provide all back-up needs for smooth functioning of the contract.

•Customer to offload all housekeeping needs to an Authorize EFL agency
For various cleaning needs along with schedules

• Capital investment on equipments to be made by Housekeeping agency.

•Eureka Forbes conceptualize the contract, work at product mix, equipment
deployment, and training to house keeping experts etc

1.Higher Quality of cleaning offered by Modern equipments,
thus increasing life of investment made on building,
machinery & plant etc.

2.Maintenance of hygiene standards as per international
specifications and adherence to various noms

3.Economical cleaning process with effective use of
manpower, chemicals, time etc.

4.Less number of labour involved thus reducing security risk
brought about by their movement in restricted areas.

5.Mechanized cleaning being less prone to price escalation
whereas manual cleaning being labour intensive is highly
cost escalator. Machine investment is one time where as
investment on labor is repetitive.

6.Local housekeeping expertise available which includes
not only survey, installation & service but also
recommendations on developing“ CLEAN SENSE” through
house keeping messages, mailers on latest house keeping
development internationally, conducting clean week
festivals/awards etc.

7.Acquisition of asset.

8.Positive COST-BENEFIT when compared with manual
cleaning methods, when comparing for similar results,
though efficiency & effectiveness derived from mechanized
cleaning is far superior