Managing Director/CEO

Mr Shafaat Naqshbandi holds a graduate degree from Pune University, India. He started the venture in 2001 and was in charge of marketing and business development.

He remains at the forefront of corporate environmental initiatives and sustainability solutions. He developed the strategic plans, marketing and operating programs to leverage branded international products into the hereto-untapped market in the state of J&K. A young entrepreneur he has been one of the path breakers in the field of housekeeping, workmenforce,facility management & security services.He has been trained from British school of cleaning Sciences.

He identifies, explores, and satisfies client needs while offering appropriate, tailored business solutions. He spends most of the time building rapport with clients, leading sales presentations and drafting proposals, doing market research, managing marketing campaigns, creating marketing collateral.

As a Director he is responsible for Corporate Administration, Corporate Image and Relationships, Personnel/Human Resource Development, Communication and Public Relations.